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 Editorial Winter 2023

Life philosophy. Exquisite thoughts

What is exquisite? : That which has a special beauty or charm, rare and attractive excellence, such as a face, a flower, colors, art, music or poetry. That in short, extraordinarily fine and admirable; the refined, precious and unique.

Exquisite thinking is the opposite of vulgar thinking. It originates precisely from something exquisite, which moves us. It reaches the soul.

Since ancient times, Humanity has admired and sought the most exquisite, which has its maximum expression in the Cosmos itself. The Greeks, great lovers of beauty, relied on the golden ratio, which they used precisely as a key to understanding the exquisite, absolute and surprising perfection of nature, life and the universe.


The splendor of Greek culture reaches us to this day, through this exquisitely perfect code, which the mathematician Luca Pacioli, in the 16th century, named as the "divine proportion." Already in the midst of the Renaissance, Leornardo da Vinci was recognized for his genius in the knowledge and use of the magical golden ratio.

Literature and poetry are also an admirable expression of human creativity that seeks exquisiteness through a story or the rhythm of a verse....But,  as wel, a delicate vegan meal, a noble architectural design. .. and we do not stop at the most obvious, let us also remember, the search of the ancients for the refined treasures of distant countries, creating the silk route to obtain exotic oils, silks and spices, made precisely with exquisite products...


Being able to maintain exquisite thoughts allows you to have a permanently elevated spirit, and perhaps enjoy a nobler, more civilized, more exquisite society. Metaphysics explains this very well, but we will talk about that another day...

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