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'Marché aux puces' and 'Brocanteurs' in Occitania

The brocanteur, or dealer, is a seeker of treasures, second-hand objects, almost always special, or sometimes simply useful. Going out to look for objects of interest for your own home, or for the passion of a collector, can be a fun and fascinating activity. Brocanteurs offer their salvaged merchandise in "du rue" markets also known as marché aux puces. However, we will not confuse the "aux puces" or flea markets, with markets selling everything for a hundred and trinkets. Nor is it a location for valuable antiques, which have their most specific and protected places to be displayed. However, no one can deny that very beautiful and special pieces can be found. It depends on each person's ability... They are the chineurs, and here lies the interesting thing.

We take a pleasant tour of the most interesting aux puces markets in Occitania in the south of France.

Small jumble of treasures in the Marche aux puces of Montpellier.

The beautiful and mysterious Occitania.

Occitania encompasses two large historical regions, Languedoc-Rousillon and Midi Pyrénées,

Occitania is often referred to as the enigmatic lands, due to its past related to the Cathars and Templars. The architectural, artistic and literary legacy of what was one of the great medieval nations of Europe continues to this day. The name Langue D'Oc clearly demonstrates origins related to the so-called language of the troubadours. In a region very rich in history, but not excessively exploited by tourists, it is a good place for travelers who love to get off the beaten path and programmed itineraries and create their own experiences.

The architectural, artistic and literary legacy of what was one of the great medieval nations of Europe has left an indelible mark of culture and tradition.

Touluse. Occitania capital.

If all of France is a true luxury for curious minds and lovers of hunting for antique and second-hand objects, in Occitania, and due to its history, it is a particularly interesting area for its large number of broncateurs.

We have selected a route of brocanteurs and "mercats d' aux puces", to the delight of those who love collecting or those unique objects, which are not easily found, and require an exhaustive search, although yes, also exciting.


Every first Friday and weekend of each month, 120 second-hand dealers exhibit at François Verdier.. Toulouse.

On a treasure hunt!

In Toulouse, the meetings of brocanteurs and Marche aux Puces are very popular. According to a local brocanteur, prices have become increasingly more accessible, and he gives as an example the price of a beautiful wooden table that was sold for 400 euros "compared to 3,000 euros ten years ago...", he underlines. this sector enthusiast. . Furthermore, he adds, you can find beautiful chests of drawers from the late 19th century, made of oak or walnut, for about a hundred euros! » It is an opportunity to own valuable furniture, precisely because of the material with which it is made, noble materials, and made, in an artisanal way, that covers all periods, something that does not necessarily happen with the fashionable furniture of the moment. The brocanteur explains an interesting anecdote, about how a piece of furniture that had lost the key to one of its drawers, when it was restored, a small jewelry box of great value was discovered inside.


Located in the former castle of the Counts of Armagnac, this place is a paradise for bargain hunters and brocanteurs

In the village of Lectoure there is the "village de Broc antiquitées", a project that was initiated by the Association des Old Marmites, and hosts about 30 exhibitors in the former Château des Comtes d'Armagnac hospital. Popular art, antiques, painting and sculpture coexist in the 13 rooms of the prestigious building.

Lectoure is considered the capital of 'brocanteurs', and is full of surprises, small treasures and antiques. It is worth walking through a place full of history and also having the pleasure of discovering surprising and rare pieces...


Salón des antiquaires et brocante a Carcassone..

The 'vide-greniers', are popular in Carcassone, offering offers at street level, in picturesque locations, typical of such a beautiful and historic city and also in surrounding towns. . The page makes it easy to find the best date and location for each person. Once again, it is worth taking a walk through the beautiful city, and considering acquiring pieces of interest.


The city council of Montpellier, knowing perfectly well the great pull and interest that open-air sales locations have, opened in January the 'marchés aux puces et à la brocante', with up to 450 exhibitors (second-hand dealers, professional sellers and vendors occasional). The established dates are Sundays, February 25, March 10 and 31, and April 14 and 21, 2024.


The brocanteurs at Allées Maillol, Perpignan, are organized every Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., all year round. It is organized by the Perpignan city council itself.

We must highlight the beauty of the location, Allées Maillol, a tree-lined walk from 1810, a mythical place to socialize and relax. This beautiful area is surrounded by balustrades and adorned with cafes, ice cream parlors and taverns, starting in 1905 it became the playful and elegant neighborhood of Perpignan. The statue in homage to Pablo Casals by Miquel Paredes is located next to L'été sans bras, by Aristide Maillol. The Fleurs d'acier fountain, inaugurated in 2011, is also dedicated to this great sculptor.

Allées Maillol . Perpignan.

This is a small selection, there is a lot to discover....!

We leave a segment of the unforgettable Titin. Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn. A scene in the Marché aux Puces et brocanteurs, in Paris in 1930. There are all the elements of magic and mystery of a true treasure hunt center.

Enjoy your finds!!

Tintin y el Secrto del Unicornio.


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