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Raw Food with Mercè Passola. The fair kitchen.

"People are light, and when we discover it, we project it by spreading its colors and fragrance."

Mercè Passola

We begin this article and interview in a poetic way because it is the best word with which to describe Mercè Passola and her world. A world that she has created for many years and shares with whoever wants to discover it. We could say that it is a world of creativity, poetry, and light.

Live Food is part of this magical world. As Mercè says, "All creation is an act of love" and the creative raw food is part of this magical world, full of creativity. Following her footsteps, everyone will be able to enjoy exquisite dishes, made with unprocessed vegetables, fruits, sprouts, seeds and nuts, among others. In this way, it is possible to keep the enzymes intact (which die at around 45ºC), which are vitally important, because they are the initiators of food metabolism. Other active ingredients and vitamins are also affected in the cooking process, either partially or completely.

However, what she most emphasized are the great values of raw food nutrition. "The body is filled with vital energy that expands around you. When you eat this type of diet for a while, everything changes. You find yourself full of vitality, creativity, well-being, and with a deep and transparent mind."

Vegà & Màgic Magazine has had the opportunity to share this experience.

The first part of this visit begins by visiting her beautifully arranged garden orchard. A small crop, about 60m2, distributed in small terraces, not difficult to maintain, but with great results.

You can find beets, lettuce, onions, spinach, cauliflowers, kale, chard, arugula, parsley, carrots and hearts, among others, which change according to the seasons of the year.

We asked Mercè how she began to opt for this type of diet and style of live cooking.

"You can say that life itself did it for me, since due to very serious health needs that both myself and my own family went through, I had to look for solutions, which were actually a challenge. This challenge meant changing a vision totally traditional to a new paradigm of eating, outside of the conventional one, so we were able to see how through this change in diet, serious health situations, considered by allopathic medicine as irreversible, not only improved, but the process was reversed, and a path of health, well-being and fullness of life began. It is about a change in consciousness. It is feeding with consciousness, achieving a high vibration, this vibrational field, reaches the people around you."

The second part of our visit takes us to Mercè's kitchen. A space full of light and not especially full of culinary utensils. On the contrary, against the generalized white, the dishes that have been created especially for the occasion shine and stand out:

Escarole salad with dehydrated tomato and tangerines, accompanied by a sauce made of hazelnuts, wakame seaweed, soy sauce, and tangerine juice.

Pineapple soup with young asparagus.

Pizza with grated carrot, tender garlic, almond cream and garnished with sprouts.

The food is truly delicious, and you can see the care with which it has been prepared. It is perceived that what Mercè states that 'cooking is an act of love' is true.

Finally, we must take into account some of the advice that Mercè very wisely transmits to us, the result of more than 30 years of experience and dedication.

"To take a step toward change, you must consider following a process that makes it easier. A general idea is to start having a main meal, and replace other meals with fresh fruit and smoothies. There is no exact recipe for everyone. We have to feel our own body as we make the change in the way we eat. The change also involves learning to chew well: the first part of digestion is done in the mouth. Afterwards, enjoy a time of rest "And of course, exercise without reaching exhaustion. A balance that leads to serenity and fullness of life."

Mercè has chosen creativity as an important basis for this type of life, creativity in the way she chooses the different ingredients, and makes combinations that are a pleasure for the five senses. The color, the flavor, the texture, everything is important when it comes to enjoying an eating style, lifestyle nutrition.

Among the books that Mercé Passola has written on Raw Food, the most significant, which has had great success, is "Cocina Cruda Creativa" in the Spanish version, and "Creative Raw Food Cooking", in the English version. This book was made with the support of her son Edgard Viladevall, a musician closely linked to the creative world. It is full of recipes that, using vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, mushrooms, seaweed, aromatic plants, and spices, achieve clean tastes, exquisite flavours and, surprising textures.

We said goodbye after she dedicated us the book that she wrote jointly with his life partner, Carles Viladevall, economist and engineer, "El cuerpo es mi vehículo", a book that treasures much of their wisdom and knowledge.

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!


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