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The Feng Shui Power. Alejandra Balbás. Podcast.

As Ilya Prigogine, the Nobel laureate in Chemistry, already demonstrated, the matter is nothing more than condensed energy surrounded by a magnetic field. The study of how energy affects life in the cosmos, and consequently, our own lives, is an ancient art that in the ancient Chinese empire they called Feng Shui. The studies of Feng Shui - Water and Earth - allow us to recognize the energies that flow in our usual places of residence, leisure and work. In this recognition arises the opportunity to enhance them, or avoid them, as needed. A Feng-Shui study carried out correctly is possible from a very in-depth knowledge of the millennial techniques that support it.

It should be noted that the most significant constructions in the West, such as churches, temples, palaces, castles, or even monuments, were not built at random, but, on the contrary, responded to a prior planning of several related factors with the energy of the place where they had to be built. Feng Shui is about energy, because the planet earth and the cosmos it self, it's energy.

Alejandra Balbás, expert in Feng Shui, gives us a masterful introduction to this ancient wisdom.


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