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Travel Agenda 2024


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Author trip.

In collaboration with the Transurfing therapist, Eugenia Orantes, we have designed this trip to Avalon to experience the energy of Beltane, which will help you clarify the seed of your dream, that which you long to manifest in the world of matter. You will return with that seed identified and lines of action that help you make it grow. Likewise, the celebration of Beltane marks the beginning of the sacred bond between the two energies that live within us (masculine and feminine) and is a rite of passage towards the manifestation of the deepest desires of our soul.

Recommended book to prepare the trip

The Mist of Avalon by  Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Dates. 29th  april to 6th may 2024




Author trip

Again, in collaboration with Transurfing therapist, Eugenia Orantes, we have designed this trip as an encounter with the ETERNAL FEMININE INNER. An encounter with our forgotten part, with our Holy Grail, which represents the womb of the EARTH, with the part of ourselves that was relegated and confined in darkness. Now, it is time to give birth to our ability to create and abandon ourselves to be ourselves.

Recommended book to prepare for the trip

What is known about...María Magdalena by Carmen Bernabé Ubieta.

Dates. 8th to 17th July 2024



Author trip

With the help of Eugenia Orantes, we take this healing journey, to reconnect with the original energy of the Planet, charge our batteries and enjoy a natural environment with like-minded people.


Recommended book: The Pyramids of the World and the Lost Pyramids of Bosnia by Sam Osmanagich.

Dates: 14th al 20th de august 2024

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Author trip

We have designed a trip with the energy of introspection and forgiveness, present in our pilgrimage and transformation experience, staying at Pazos Gallegos.

Recommended book to introduce the trip:

Guía Mágica del Camino de Santiago by Francisco Contreras Gil.

Dates 7th to 12th october 2024


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Author trip

Welcome to Egypt. One of the oldest civilizations on the planet, where some of the most powerful and enigmatic places on Earth are located. We have designed a unique journey through the most impressive and innovative places and energy power centers. A look at the deep knowledge that ancient Egypt treasured and that will help us continue evolving, healing and cleansing the chakras in the different temples that we will visit.

Recommended book to introduce the trip:

Viaje Iniciático por los Templos del Antiguo Egipto by Nacho Ares. 

Date: November 2024


travels to elevate consciousness


My name is Ana Isabel

I am Ana Isabel Delgado Cánovas, I have been in the world of tourism for more than 20 years. I am an expert Coach in Conscious Leadership, a Trainer for the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the area of Ethics and Management by Values and I accompany and guide the trips that I create in Anael Tours. Together with V&M Magazine, we offer author trips, which are the reflection of a search to go beyond the travel experience.

For me, traveling is finding yourself; Therefore, these trips are to raise awareness, to raise self-knowledge. They are journeys of discovery, of change, of rediscovering each other, of loving each other. We ask our travelers to have an open heart. Wanting to share, live unique and new experiences in search of different experiences that allow us to connect with the whole and achieve greater integrity.


"Every trip is a pilgrimage to oneself, an encounter with the most intimate part of our being that renews us and positions us again in the world"

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