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Philosophy of Life. The Butterfly Effect.


Mujer en la playa
The butterfly effect states that there is a connection, an invisible thread in the universe that binds all our decisions together and turns them into repercussions. This theory is closely linked to the concept of the domino effect or chain effect.

A renowned writer reflected a few years ago, in an opinion piece, on the philosophy of life of the old romantics: "Romanticism represents the purity of the soul, the abandonment to the sublime, to love, to nature, to language, to the night, the unconscious, the distance... The Romantics were passionate and gloriously expansive. Instead, what makes us fall in love and moves us? We should study the message and rescue these romantics' energy to reconstruct this world that threatens to collapse.


Our magazine, which begins with this issue of January 2023, is partly inspired by this masterly reflection on the purity of thought of the romantics. We wish to be practical, we wish to be useful, but to be practical and useful, without feeling, without passion, without values, ends up being a gear that only moves empty actions. We hope to be able to contribute. It is not a revolution of great acts, it is a butterfly-wing movement.. The butterfly effect can change the world.


Mariola Alsina

Conscious projects consultant.

The Butterfly Effect
All actions have consequences,
but inaction has consequences too.
Every cruel act makes a crueler act more possible;
every kind act helps the recipient and enriches the giver.
A boss insults a worker,
who goes home and berates his wife,
who yells at the children,
who abuse their dog,
who bites the boss,
or more likely the innocent little girl next door.
A canary dies and the experienced miner feels apprehensive.
A butterfly dies and the world is less for it.
Beneath apparent chaos,
a complex order in which everything matters.
Richard Randolph

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