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The challenge is avoid converting beautiful and ancient traditions with spiritual meanings that are not always appreciated, into completely overpriced tourist markets.

Metaphysics appreciates and shares these values, subtle beauty represents the “Truth-Joy-Love” trilogy.

The highest thought is the one that contains Joy.
The clearest words are those that contain Truth.
The greatest feeling is the one called Love.


Three phrases by Neale Donald Walchs, in his best seller, Conversations with God.

Joy Truth Love, three interchangeable feelings and one always leads to the others, no matter what order it is in.

Perhaps it is time to reflect and recover the values of the great metaphysicians born at the end of the 19th century. It is absolutely fascinating to see how all these men and women, wrote in their books so much wisdom that today, with so much artificial intelligence, seems to escape.

But it only seems. The unalterable values have continued through millennia and under the worst situations. In the end, this time is one more.


Few can do much, they just need to try.

Mariola Alsina


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