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Feng Shui. 
Energy and Balance


Balancing the energy of one's environment.

From Vegà& Màgic Magazine, we promote the knowledge and wisdom that comes to us from ancient and wise millennial cultures, which are currently used in Western homes and commercial spaces, achieving the essential vital energy balance. She studied the 4 classical schools of Feng Shui with Marina Ponce de León. She has deepened her knowledge with the School of Happiness and studies in metaphysics and psychology.

We open this space to publish information of interest, by our expert Alejandra Balbás. Alejandra carries out personalized Feng Shui studies in collaboration with architects and interior designers, or in private and professional or commercial homes.

   Alejandra Balbás

Feng  Shui Expert


Feng Shui involves studying the energies of our living space, at home or in a professional area, and directing them in the most efficient way for our well-being, avoiding diseases and other energy disturbances.

Alejandra Balbás has a Business Administration and Management degree with international honors from the Pontifical University Comillas of Madrid and the Reims Management School (Reims, France). She has 4 FS classic schools with Marina Ponce de León. She has  his knowledge with the School of Happiness and studies of metaphysics and psychology.


Alejandra is passionate about knowledge and is constantly training and deepening her knowledge in new disciplines, such as Transpersonal Psychology, in which she plans to complete a Master's.

L'estudi de les energies d'un espai és imprescindible per aconseguir l'harmonia energètica vital per al benestar dels seus habitants.

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