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Creative Vegetarian Recipes. A delicious walk through international vegetarian cuisine.


The secret of vegan or plant-based cooking is the magical use of the different elements that are combined in each dish. The alchemy of color, flavor and texture achieves true delights for the palate. In addition, a diet rich in all types of nutrients that already exist in the products that come to us from nature is achieved.

As the best lesson is to set an example, we published a selection of traditional cookbooks from different countries, with truly impressive recipes, that will not leave the guests at our table indifferent.

From Japón:


Tim Anderson.

Vegan author Japaneasy, Tim Anderson shares over 80 recipes that happen to be vegan themselves, so there's no need to use boring substitutes or compromise on flavor. From classics like vegetable tempura, onigiri, mushroom gyozas, or agedashi tofu, to modern versions like curried cauliflower katsu, onion ramen or mapo tofu, you don't even have to be vegan to enjoy these delicious dishes. He adds some fantastic drinks and desserts like the sake and watermelon mojito or the butterscotch and soy sauce brownies.

The plant ingredients in the recipes are easy to find, such as bitter miso, umami-rich mushrooms or ponzu acid, and the preparation is simple, ideal for those new to Japanese cuisine, or those just starting in plant-based cooking.

From India:


The famous chef Richa Hingle has compiled a collection of 150 recipes based on regional Indian dishes and their magical ingredients and ancient recipes such as curry, garam masala, rice and all types of legumes, chutneys, chickpea flour, papadum, and of course spices. cite a few examples.

The names of the dishes are a universe of Hindu inspiration:

Easy curried green beans, Breakfast chickpea flour pancakes, Chickpea spinach stew with lentils and quinoa, Split pea soup with spices and coconut... Creativity and passion at the table.

From Turkey :


Bryan Rylee

The Most Amazing Collection of Vegan Turkish Recipes - 101 Original, Easy and Delicious Vegan Turkish Recipes (Appetizers, Soups, Main Dishes and Desserts)

This new book is primarily aimed at people who love bold flavors, herbs and spices and would like to immerse themselves in Turkish cuisine while maintaining a healthy vegan diet.

Turkish cuisine is more than lamb, meat skewers, or ground beef. Forget these stereotypes and discover brilliant, innovative cuisine that cooks vegan vegetables and ingredients in the most delicious way possible: seasoning them with lots of spices and herbs and combining ingredients in new and interesting ways just to tantalize your taste buds and offer your palate something. only. gustatory experience, accompanied by great textures and beautiful colors.

From Polinesian and Fiji:


Vittoria Pasca

Vittoria Pasca has developed a delicious cookbook inspired by the paradisiacal islands of Polynesia and Fiji. She has focused mainly on seven Pacific plants and describes their nutritional benefits, in addition to explaining how to prepare them in the healthiest way and so that they best preserve their nutrients. The cookbook contains over 40 creative and healthy fusion recipes made with local Pacific ingredients. They are largely fat, low in sugar, and completely cholesterol-free.

The seven ingredients of the Pacific are:








Vittoria Pasca is the co-founder and lead organizer of VegFest Fiji, a festival promoting plant-based diets and the consumption of local fruits and vegetables.

She is also a certified lifestyle medicine professional.

East :

"East. 100 Vegeterian and Vegan recipes"

Meera Shoda

Meera Sodha has created an essential book, aimed not only at vegans and vegetarians but at all those who simply want to consume less meat without giving up flavor. This work, based on the "New Vegan" column that the author publishes in The Guardian, contains a large number of dishes inspired by Asian cuisines, such as noodles, curries, rice, tofu, salads, side dishes, and sweets, all of them very easy to prepare. make and packed with incredible flavors. You will travel from India to Indonesia and from Singapore to Japan, passing through China, Thailand, and Vietnam, to learn how to prepare kohlrabi laksa, potato and chard curry, kimchi pancakes, a delicious dairy-free black dal or spicy tofu. And you won't be left without trying appetizers as special as sweet potato momos, or desserts as surprising as salty miso brownies or a Vietnamese coffee ice cream that doesn't need to be churned.

We want to remember that compassion is an act of love. And compassion towards animals that suffer so much in macro farms and slaughterhouses has never occurred in the history of humanity. It is a current phenomenon. Fruit of individualization and the total lack of empathy of today's human being.

Let's gain awareness, let's be co-creators of a better world.


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