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Retreats in the Nature. Serenity & Wellness.

"Wellness retreats" have been seen as one of the hottest trends in travel and leisure with a growth forecast of 25% over the next few years. It is important to try the space to withdraw adequately with many cures, to achieve the wealth of well-being that we seek.

We will publish a series of articles where we will list wellness retreats that we consider optimal for achieving an engaging positive health and wellness.

1. Les Bains de Saint-Thomas. Centre termal.

Font Pedrouse. Occitania. France

The thermal waters are both mineromedical because they contain minerals in their dissolution and have very therapeutic characteristics.

The Bains de Saint-Thomas are located at an altitude of 1150 m at the bottom of a valley where you can discover a magnificent stone amphitheater that houses a total of 3 pools of hot sulfurous water at an average temperature of 37º.

A winter retreat in a remote location in the middle of the Pyrenees, bathing in thermal waters surrounded by snow, is a delight.

The spa has several proposals:

- 3 outdoor pools with natural thermal water at an average temperature of 37°C, equipped with a small Jacuzzi area and massage jets.

- 2 shower ramps with natural thermal water at a regulated temperature.

- 3 interior hammam rooms.

- 2 jacuzzis with rest area.

- 3 massage and treatment rooms.

In addition to an ideal temperature, the waters of Saint-Thomas are recognized for their properties and virtues for skin care. This is why they (the water) are used in the range of homemade cosmetics.

2. Meditation Center. Kadampa

Menorca. Balearic Islands.

The IKRC Menorca offers the possibility of doing personal retreats to reconnect and find inner peace. The center is cozy and modern and it is located in the heart of the island. It has ten rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning, a kitchen and dining room, as well as terraces and gardens.

You can choose the length of stay and type of retreat. There are specific retreats to deepen the Kadampa Buddhist meditation practice. The center also offers courses, seminars, and workshops with different spiritual objectives and well-being to achieve peace and inner balance.

3. Can Mussol. Ánima Mundi. Retreat Center.

Bages. Catalogne. Spain

Located in the region of Bages, an area very well known for being an area of influence of the Montserrat mountains. It is this beautiful farmhouse, "Can Mussol", that offers wellness retreats all year round.

The yoga classes, workshops, and relaxing activities are of high quality and efficiency. We also highlight vegan cuisine made with very good ingredients and also a lot of love. It is also a pleasure to be able to walk in the majestic surroundings, between vineyards and forests of oaks and pine forests.


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