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Coliving. Living in Community.

Helen is a young executive working for a Norwegian multinational freelancer, but she likes to travel and make new friends. For this reason, she chose the Coliving format long ago to live in different cities and have new experiences, always surrounded by comfort and security to carry out her work effectively. Peter is a writer and artist from New York. He is middle-aged and single, and has found in Coliving a solution to be able to travel, have new experiences, and even when alone, always have companions with whom to share his activity and creativity. Anne and Klaus are a couple from Munich who have long since retired, and they have been seduced by the prospect of being able to live in a senior-friendly Coliving environment and share leisure time with other seniors, in a protected environment with adequate services and with a like-minded community.

Coliving. space. Essex. Uk.

These and many similar cases are what have made the coliving concept grow exponentially in recent years.

But what is Coliving? Coliving is an innovative solution that has been spreading strongly over the last ten years and continues to grow. It is about uniting two classic models, managing to satisfy the pressing needs of today's society.

The Coliving model offers the rental of a room with a private area and other amenities for months, up to a maximum of one year, according to the legislation of each country, together with the services and facilities of a hotel.

The success of genuine coliving is offering quality in all aspects, at a varied range of prices and demand depending on the area where it is located. This allows there to be proposals for all budgets.

Colving. Multi-uses creative spaces

As the experts at Coliving International,, very well explain: "Gone are the days of isolated apartments and the dreaded single-family homes. No, my friends, we have embraced the hive mind and have become a collective swarm of companions. housing who seek solace in shared spaces and the sweet nectar of community life."

Initially, Colivings were created in cities with a large job offer but little housing, as is the case of California, where Silicon Valley was a pioneer in this type of proposal. However, Colivings, in addition to expanding in various cities and capitals around the world, are undergoing the necessary changes as specific demands grow, and they become more specialized.

We take a quick but very interesting tour of the offer that is developing and continues to grow in recent years:

Coliving International Communities

This is the case of rural Colivings, where a life experience is proposed in places as attractive as Italian Tuscany, or the Greek islands. They are the so-called international communities. International communities are spaces of coexistence built around shared values, objectives or interests. From ecovillages and artist colonies to technology incubators and spiritual sanctuaries, these spaces are designed to foster personal growth, creativity and collaboration.

Coliving Digital Nomads Hubs

Digital nomads are in good luck with the great growth in the supply of Coliving centers with work or coworking areas around the world. We are in the era of remote work and the endless search for the perfect WiFi signal, Digital Nomads centers, or digital nomads, have become very popular. These spaces cater to those with wanderlust and offer flexible leases and fully furnished accommodation that make it easy to pack up and move to a new city or country quickly. There has been a 25% increase in digital nomad hubs in the last two years, joining former hotspots such as Bali, Lisbon, Gran Canaria, Medellín and Mexico City. (source and they continue to grow.

Coliving New York.

Coliving Senior

Senior coliving has become a viable alternative to traditional retirement communities as the population ages. This trend aims to combat loneliness, encourage social engagement, and promote a sense of purpose among older adults. The advantages are innumerable, since it allows you to share expenses for nursery services, organize group exercise activities, book clubs, and an endless number of services that are impossible to enjoy in a traditional house or apartment. This trend aims to combat loneliness, encourage social engagement, and promote a sense of purpose among older adults.

Coliving communities for seniors are growing.

Coliving Wellness Center.

Without a doubt, you can enjoy a space where the central axis is self-care from a holistic point of view, with yoga proposals, meditation rooms, vegetarian cuisine with an organic garden right next door, a swimming pool with seawater... massage cabins...In the era of self-care and mindfulness, coliving spaces focused on well-being have sprouted like seeds after the rain. Coliving Wellness spaces are true health paradises.

However, the list of communities to be developed or being developed at this time is even more extensive. Thus we can find the style of coliving called multigenerational that, breaking age barriers, embraces the idea of people of different age groups living together in harmony. These communities promote intergenerational exchange, allowing residents to learn from each other's experiences and wisdom.

Coliving can bring together various leisure, work, and residential proposals.

What should an ideal Coliving be like?

It is clear that it is important to provide the Coliving space with services, not only the essential ones, such as a kitchen or community laundry, but it is also necessary to have beautiful and spacious common spaces, such as a hall, coworking, terrace and garden, and a long etcetera of facilities.

It is also necessary to provide common spaces with harmonious decoration that ensures optimal relationships and coexistence. The interior design and Feng Shui expert, Alejandra Balbás, explains how to achieve this harmony in Coliving spaces:

"Without a doubt, Feng Shui interior design tries to bring awareness to space, because we understand decoration from an energetic point of view. In our work as interior designers, we analyze the energies that come together in different spaces, private or common. We see in this way How can these spaces be improved to achieve better harmony between users? You can even analyze the general profile of the type of user and thus achieve very personalized spaces, depending on the type of Coliving that is being created. the materials and colors used, as well as the distribution for the best group coexistence. With the energetic information of the Coliving space, we ensure that coexistence flows better and that there is a balance of the five elements through the decoration in the analyzed space. "

Without a doubt, it is essential to create successful Colivings that the spaces offered have an exquisite set-up.

The coliving movement has proven to be more than just a fad, with diverse options for every lifestyle, interest, and demographic. The future of coliving is bright.

Eclectic architecture for spectacular Colivings


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