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Magic Music. Nicola Benedetti.

The Edinburgh Festival began in 1947, created by Rudolf Bing. For three weeks in August, from the 4th to the 27th, the Festival transforms the city of Edinburgh, hosting all types of musical and choreographic concerts. The program brings together the best international performers in dance, opera, music, and theater during the beautiful Scottish summer days. One of the most important objectives of the Festival is to create spaces for reflection and reconciliation, debate and celebration, uniting people from different cultures and points of view.

The director of the Edimburg Festival is an outstanding violinist of international fame, Nicola Benedetti

Nicola Benedetti was born in the Scottish city of Irvine, and is of Italian descent. Nicola began her violin lessons when she was only four years old at the Yehudi Menuhin school. In 2004, when she was 16, she won the BBC Young Music of the Year competition, which catapulted her to success and popularity in the world of classical music. On that occasion she performed the Violin Concerto no. 1 by Karol Szymanoswki. That year she signed a £1 million contract with Decca Records to record six albums, allowing her to gain international fame as a performer and solo artist.

Nicola Benedetti performs the third movement of Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1 on the Stradivarius 'Gariel' violin, 1717.

Nicola Benedetti has performed with the best orchestras and conductors in the world such as: The Scottish Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Leipzig Gewandhausorchester, Frankfurt Radio Symphony, Czech Philharmonic, Budapest Festival Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic,,,

Benedetti Fundation.

Benedetti plays on a 1717 Stradivarius called "Gariel", owned by banker Jonathan Moulds, who lent it to her after hearing her, on the condition that she play for him and his friends a few days a year. The violin is worth £6.3 million.​

Nicola won the GRAMMY Award in 2020 and was named 'Personality of the Year 2021' by BBC Music magazine, a recognition granted in part for her work supporting musicians during the pandemic, a reflection of her passionate work as an ambassador for the musical education.

"We believe that together we are stronger and that meaningful collaboration is our path to veritable change."

"We believe in the power of music, in excellence and inclusion, tradition and innovation and the power of mass moments of inspiration to connect communities."

The musical activity is divided into several programs.

The main ones are :

Benedetti Sessions: Massive music creation experiences for string players and teachers.

Residence Sessions: Teams of experts from the foundation work in primary schools, in close collaboration with Teachers.

Virtual Sessions: Bring together participants of all ages from around the world to work towards a common goal and a united voice, breaking musical, social, and cultural barriers.

Ambassador Program: A training program for young professionals who create innovative and world-leading musicians and educators.

There is also the creation of free digital resources that guarantee inclusion, access, and support for all...

Nicola Benedetti, plays Shostakovich Conciert for Violín num. 1.

The Foundation summarizes its values like this:

Increase participation and appreciation for music at all levels.

  • Model, deliver, and revolutionize high-quality music education available to all

  • Create innovative examples of what music education can be

  • Breaking access barriers internationally

  • bring the worlds of entertainment and education into greater dialogue

  • Be a universal advocate for music education.

Nicola Benedetti has a passion, for music at its highest level of expression, and he has a mission, to share this passion and values with as many people as possible.

An example that inspires you to develop your own creativity and share with others.

Bolero. Edimburght Benedetti Sessions.


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