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Talking to Angels.

Angels are universal archetypes that encompass ancient and modern beliefs. This type of beneficial energy can be found under other names referred to as “benevolent and trusted spiritual helpers.”

The concept predates Judaism, with celestial messengers found in ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian and Persian religions, as well as Greece. It remains to explore the relationships with the angels and the islands of the Pacific, these called the islands of Mú.

Studies on Angelology

The specialist Dr. Doreen Virtuee states in her book ABC of the Angels, she receives hundreds of testimonial letters from people who relate their connection and experience of support and help from angels in difficult situations. People of different beliefs and religions, including atheists and agnostics. "Angels," says Dr Doreen, "do not belong to a specific creed, religious denomination or spiritual creed."

Billy Graham, a renowned American spiritual leader, highlighted the influence of angels in the lives of human beings and published the Book of Angels, a best-selling book with more than three million copies sold.

In the Sistine Chapel, there is a painting of two very popular cherubs and classical icons. They are part of the work "Sixtina Madonna", and appear at the foot of the image of Mary with the baby Jesus. This image of the two cherubs has become an icon still valid today. The author was Rafael Sanzio, born in Italy and one of the most recognized artists of the High Renaissance. We find the painting of the cherubs as an independent painting in various places, such as the painting with the cherubs shown in the bureau of Tsarina Fyodorovna Romanova, an example of the popularity that this detail of the original painting achieved.

The famous Cherubs by Rafael Sanzio, displayed in the bureau of Tsarina Fiodorovna Romanova.

However, in current times, a style of angelic relationship has developed that is much more practical than mystical, and above all, very much in line with today's new, simpler and deeper spirituality.

This is the case of author Jean Slatter's popular and best-selling work "Put Heaven to Work." In this book the author explains different experiences that bring the spiritual concept of angelic energy closer to a much more real level. She affirms that these celestial spirits are not only called to perform great deeds, but that we must count on them in our daily lives, and thus gain creativity and harmony.

Archangel Michael. Watercolor painting by the school of "Anthroposophy the Essence of Art."

Angelic Hierarchy

What most authors on angels and experts in angelotherapy do agree on is that there are different types of angels, following the metaphysical maxim of "as above, so below." This is how angels can be classified by hierarchies and by different types of protection:

The first hierarchy is the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

The second hierarchy is the Dominations, Virtues and Powers.

The third hierarchy is the Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

The Archangels are undoubtedly the most recognized and named. According to Hebrew tradition there are seven. Only three are mentioned in the Bible, but according to spiritual angelology studies there are hundreds of them.

Miguel.- He is known as the Angel protector of all beings of darkness, but really this Angel is the ANGEL OF FAITH, if we have faith, nothing bad can hurt us, so we must ask this beloved angel, not to protect but help us increase faith in God, faith in who we are so we can combat the darkness.

His flame is blue and the day related to this archangel is Sunday.

Jophiel.- is the Angel of ILLUMINATION, and WISDOM, we can ask this archangel to help us cleanse our minds of all negative thoughts, and thus be able to receive illumination.

His flame is golden-yellow and the related day is Monday.

Samuel.- This is the Archangel of DIVINE LOVE, he is the one who will help us open our hearts and allow the light of the inner Christ to shine and shine in us, and thus we can love all of creation.

His flame is phosphorescent pink, and his day is Tuesday.

Gabriel – is the Archangel of the ANNUNCIATION OF THE TRUTH, we can ask this Angel to show us the truth of who we are and why we are here.

Its flame is luminous white, and the related day is Wednesday.

Rafael – is the Archangel of physical or emotional healing, he is here to help men free themselves from the implants, devices and traumas that we have carried for many lives.

His flame is tender green and the related day is Thursday.

Uriel.- is the Archangel of PEACE AND HARMONY, many people believe that he is the angel of prosperity, but really if we have peace and harmony in our lives, we can attract as children of God everything that we want with our creative mind.

His flame is ruby-gold and the related day is Friday.

Zadkiel.– is the archangel of FORGIVENESS, MERCY, AND TRANSMUTATION, he will help us to forgive, to let go of everything that we are not or that is not true, he will open our hearts so that the unconditional love of God radiates. This Angel changes negative into positive, and darkness into light.

Its flame is phosphorescent violet and the related day is Saturday.

They are also responsible for maintaining order in the four cardinal points.

They are the heads of entities that are at their command and constantly work to fulfill the word and order of God. The Archangels are messengers sent by Divinity to men.

They offer spiritual sustenance and inspiration. They provide us with revelation and supply us with all the necessary tools for our spiritual development.

They offer us the highest quality of heavenly help and love that we can use in our daily lives. We are given His light and strength to guide us back to the power within us, through which we can become co-creators of the universe alongside Source.

They are, in effect, protectors of humanity and have specific functions that help the collective and universal spirit of the human race.

Due to their ability to penetrate material substances, Archangels transform earthly energy and show us the limitless reality of divinity.

(Source: The Great White Brotherhood)

Angelic Numerology

It is also worth highlighting angelic numerology, or mirror numbers. That is, the sequence that doubles a number, 11:11, 22:22, and can be observed on the clock, or in other clearly visible sequences. In numerical synchronicities there is a coincidence between an internal reality and an external reality; Events are linked to each other through the meaning that each of us gives them.

In numerical synchronicities there is a coincidence between an internal reality and an external reality; The events are linked to each other through the meaning that each of us gives them.

According to the great psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, in such synchronizes, we cannot rule out the possibility that the unconscious mind connects with the larger collective and universal mathematical patterns that already exist and have always existed. Let us not forget that since the Universe was created, number was created.

Angelology studies show how the high angelic spiritual vibration uses this system to communicate with humans, and that seeing synchronous numbers is not a coincidence, it can mean that they are sending you messages with great meaning, since

The mission of the angels is to protect and connect us with the mission that we come to carry out in this life.

The monuments to the Angels, a symbol of world peace and harmony.


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