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Christmas Carol. The Christmas Spirit.

What is special about traditions? And what is its true meaning? According to a textual description: A set of traditional practices that are transmitted mainly through experience, from generation to generation, manifestations that each society considers valuable and maintains them so that they are learned by new generations, as an indispensable part of the cultural legacy.

In celebrations as especially traditional as the Christmas holidays, it is worth reflecting once again on its legacy and tradition. An answer can be found in Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol". Perhaps lifestyles have changed and will continue to change, and also many concepts that are no longer the same, as well as the scale of values. And yet, precisely in works of literature such as the classic Christmas Carol, an answer is found that endures throughout time. Modernity in this case has not made any dent in this wonderful and acute story: there continues to be a struggle between the excessive attachment to the material, and the true charm of the spiritual, that is, the values that are intrinsic in the best version of the human being. We collect two especially endearing phrases from the stories of Charles Dickens:

"There are shadows and darkness in this world, but the light eclipses them."

"A heart that loves is the truest of wisdom."

"There are shadows and darkness in this world, but the light eclipses them."
"A heart that loves is the truest of wisdom."

Charles Dickens’s idea for A Christmas Carol originated in the north of England when he traveled to speak at the Manchester Athenaeum, a sort of philanthropic organization for the working poor—a population that was largely uneducated, powerless, exploited by factory owners, and ignored by everyone else. Dickens was already a popular and successful novelist, a self-made man with a social conscience. His time in Manchester convinced him that he needed to confront the problems of Want and Ignorance, which he personified in his Christmas tale as two horrifying children. These were the threats facing England, and they were being bred in the slums of the country’s newly industrialized cities. Dickens could fight them, he decided

Six weeks later, A Christmas Carol was finished.

Source. Britannica.

This holiday season let's make a difference for someone who needs us. Recognizing the need in others, and it's not just about money, could be helping them shop, taking the time to talk, being there, taking them to visit family, cooking for them, or inviting them to a holiday feast. . Volunteer and visit the elderly, help the homeless or closer to home; Visit family you haven't seen in a long time. Write a letter... a real one with a pen and everything... and not one email to everyone! Be personal, be personal, and be real.

Gifts are a sign of affection and above all, a sign of consideration to our loved ones. We have made a selection of books and special objects, which we hope will be inspiring as gifts for this Christmas.

Our selection.

  1. Cruelty-free fashion. Harlow Vegan Chelsea Boots by Voes& Co.

  2. Soustanaible art by Veronika Vegecent.

  3. Awaken the Species by Neal Donald Walsh.

  4. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


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