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Travelers Circle. Magic Travels.

Episode I. Introduction Travelers Circle. Book Club.

In January 2023, we began this extraordinary adventure of launching an international Digital Magazine, with interviewees and collaborators from different countries and languages. The Vision & Mission was and will always be, to accompany our readers in the discovery of new approaches that they can contribute and enrich. For this reason, we have had great authors such as Neale D. Walch, Steven Greer, Vicente Merlo or Dr. Joe Dispenza, prestigious illustrators such as the New Yorker Giora Carmi, relevant theater and film actors, such as the Mexican Eric del Castillo, or the artist Parisian, Jean-Noel Chazel, as well as great experts in vegetarian cuisine, such as the Catalan Merce Passola. We also add the valuable collaboration of our Feng Shui expert, Alejandra Balbás from Madrid, and Desirée Dupuis, an entrepreneur in the vegan fashion sector from Vancouver. It is therefore a real pleasure to be able to consolidate this first year, with the creation of the BOOK CLUB, united with the V&M Magazine Traveler's Circle.

We thus offer the opportunity to unite relevant authors with our growing circle of readers in formal or informal meetings, during a special day, the presentation of a book, attending a musical or gastronomic event, or during an author's trip.

We will soon present the 2024 Agenda, with different proposals, to which literary meetings, artistic and musical events and other magical and unique activities will be added.


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