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Awards Love & Light for Animals. 1rst. Edition.

In a common goal, eradicating cruelty on earth, everyone can do their bit. Our campaign is a grain of sand, which we hope supports this desire common to almost the vast majority of humans. Cruelty is not only unnecessary but also avoidable. Not only among humans themselves but for the beings with whom we share the earth. Everyone can adapt it to their belief, religion or simply free spirit.

In this First Edition, bravely supported by the UVE, we dedicate it to the Sanctuaries that are doing great work, often anonymous and with few or no resources, except unconditional love.

The winner is Santuario La Manada Cántabra.

As the second winner, Sanctuary Corazon Verde also.

Congratulations to both Sanctuaries and thank you for your work. Namaste.


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