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Musicians of the World. Kim Serrano.

Poets, troubadours, music hall pianists, street musicians, adventurers and globetrotters...something remains of this culture of living from music and for music, with some applause and some disappointment.

We love starting this section, dedicated to these eternal dreamers, who not even these current times, more incongruous and devoid of values than ever, have not managed to get off the streets. They probably won't.

Kim Serrano is a good example of a troubadour, bohemian musician, who could be in Barcelona today, in Hungary tomorrow, and after that you don't know. This former globe-trotting glam and bohemian artist has little left of him in today's electronic tracks, digital hip-hop, and ephemerals.

Kim kindly answers our questions, curious about his way and vision of life.

V&M Magazine. What led you to be a musician? Tell us your most initial motivation.

Kim Serrano. It pushed me to be a musician and be interested in the art world, seeing that I was not going with the system. As a child I didn't like the way society was set up, I didn't like politicians, I didn't like anything I saw, I didn't really know why, because when you're little, you're 12 or 13 years old, you really don't know why you don't you like things, you just know you don't like them. And this is something that is beyond understanding, isn't it? - This was clear to me- I am going to learn to play well, and to sing, and perhaps in this way, I will be able to live in this world in which I did not know what I was doing here, nor do I know today, but at least I will be able to live in a way, in which I can be with myself, which is what I think is important, without having to pretend to be something else.

V&M Magazine. What style of music do you like and do you usually play the most, and what inspires you in your work as a composer?

Kim Serrano. The style of music I like is classical music. For me, if I had to say that there is a supreme being in this world, it was Johan Sebastian Bach. From there, everything else is understood. He created practically all the possible mathematical combinations, and harmonies, and well, the others, what they did was copy him. So classical music is where I find the richest nuances and harmonies, of course. And what inspires me in my compositions would be life itself, what I am living. All I analyze, and meditate...although in my performances due to economic issues, can't make a living from my compositions, I have to do covers...and little else to add in this aspect.

V&M Magazine. How do you see current music? What do you think is happening with the new generations?

Kim Serrano. I believe that encouraging young people today is very difficult, in anything. Because they are very angry, and they think they know everything better and unfortunately, musically, 90% of young people are going to bloggers. There will always be perhaps a 10% that doesn't, but they are guided by what they are given, by what they are shown by the media, what sells, and what they like best... and really, well, youth they should not pay so much attention to what the media tells them, and do some research themselves, on a musical level, and on all levels. Because when I started, when I was young, I was small, it was clear to me that I wasn't interested in what they were giving me on the radio, and I started looking for things, music that practically didn't exist. I had to look for them in obscure stores in Barcelona, where there were out-of-print records that no one was interested in, and that's how I discovered new styles...I don't know...Look for something that isn't offered by the conventional media.

V&M Magazine. Tell us about your work as a composer. I think you have released some albums, right?

Kim Serrano. Well, my musical career is not very important because after all I am nobody, but the little that I have created, which have been four or five metal music albums, released by record companies in Catalonia, what I have tried to transmit is : what I felt at a vibrational and spiritual level and I can say little more about it.

V&M Magazine. Tell us what you would like to explain to us to conclude that you think is important to point out.

Kim Serrano. To conclude, I would like to express something, and that is that art itself, any expression of art, is a form of escape, escape from this world, because an artist is usually a being who does not really feel identified with this world, this plane. existential, since he sees that everything that works on a material level is all a lie, yes, why is it a lie. Because everything you do to survive is what you do because a system that is created so that those who control it, live well, and live very well, apart from those who are controlled, tells you so. So what art makes you understand is that existence is not that. Existence is... well, I don't know what real existence is because unfortunately I'm still trapped in a material body on this existential plane, but art is what opens the channel for me a bit towards another form of existence, and It helps me stay here, although I don't know why.

Kim Serrano.


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