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The energy. Wisdom encounters.

Developing a network of creative energy, with all its full potential, means sharing readings that contribute, trips that inspire and organizing meetings between people of similar thinking, who enjoy exchanging their impressions and experiences in personal meetings.

We live in a virtual era, where you can easily access any part of the world, to organize meetings and exchange thoughts and opinions. This is truly important, and represents a great step forward. Someone may live in an environment where they do not find people who share their way of thinking and understanding life and need to expand their possibilities. This can be solved thanks to the new digital platforms for art, literature and culture, which have been developing and are increasing. However, staying there is stagnating in a virtual world, which may end up being fictitious.

According to the study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, real-life encounters stimulate the brain differently and produce stronger and faster connections than virtual encounters.

Dr. Lucy McBride, a primary care physician in Washington, wrote on CNN about this study: "Relationships require trust and a safe, non-judgmental space for open conversation and the exchange of ideas. A computer can provide some of that for a while, but, over time, we need more human connection for our overall health and well-being.”

The next step is therefore, for our platform and digital magazine, to try to meet in person, and take advantage of the opportunity of the meeting, to also turn it into a travel experience.


We will talk about energy. Understanding what energy means in our sacred space, our home, and understanding the meaning of the energy centers of our other home, the Earth.

Alejandra Balbás will talk to us about Feng Shui, presenting her recently published book: Feng Shui, 9 Pasos para Armonizarte.

Ana Isabel Delgado, expert in spiritual travel and coordinator of the Book Club & Travel Circle travel agenda, will talk about the energy points of the earth, through inspiring books that are recommended to read before embarking on the trip to these sacred places.

Coordinated by Mariola Alsina, editor of the Magazine.

The Ad Hoc Cafeteria. Creative energy.

This inspiring space is located in the Argüelles neighborhood and responds to the original Mexican concept of "cafebrería", a concept that is applied to bookstore-cafes, which also have an agenda of activities that helps to interact with users, and energizes the cultural environment of the places where they are implemented.

At the head of Cafebrería Ad Hoc is Lola Vives, creative writer, and Nacho Casares, artist, designer and publicist.

Upcoming meetings.

It is planned to organize national and international bookstore-café meetings in various capitals.

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