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Travel Notebook. Lighthouses of the World. Route 1. Lighthouses of the Mediterranean.

Lighthouses symbolize strength, security, individuality, mystery, and existentialism. Strength and resilience are qualities that enable human beings to overcome life's most formidable challenges and obstacles. They are a symbol and message of divine assistance and support, especially in the face of difficult times and adversity.

A symbolic lighthouse. The Le Jumet lighthouse. France.

One of the most emblematic lighthouses par excellence is the one immortalized by the French photographer, Jean Guichard during a great storm, in November 1989. The image was taken by the photographer from a helicopter. The lighthouse keeper came out thinking that the helicopter was the rescue helicopter they were waiting for when he noticed the big wave that was covering the lighthouse. He was able to take shelter in time and survive this colossal storm.

They put Courage, as a name for this image. Perhaps courage from the lighthouse keeper, perhaps from the photographer, or both.

Lighthouse Le Jument . Jean Guichard. Chasseur du tempêtes.

Jean Guichard signing his picture in Maine. The USA.

Route 1. Emblematic Lighthouses of the Mediterranean.

Lighthouse Cap de Creus.

Lighthouse Cap de Creus.

Cabo de Creus is a large, jagged, steep elevation, the end of the last foothills of the Pyrenean mountain range. The lighthouse is located in the marvelous Cap de Creus Natural Park, on Punta de la Esquena, and in the same place where a watchtower used to be. It was the last of the lighthouses provided for in the First Lighting Plan, to correspond to the fixed light of C. Bearne, in France, as the Lighthouse Commission pointed out. It was lit for the first time on July 29, 1853.

The lighthouse is located in the wonderful area of Cap de Creus located at a strategic point 87 meters above the cliff "Punta de la Esquena" which ends in the sea to be separated, by a narrow channel, from the small island called " Stranded”, one of the toughest areas for navigation, hit by easterly and tramontana winds. It is the place where the famous movie, the Lighthouse at the End of the World, was recorded.

Lighthouse Mola de Formentera.

Formentera is an island located south of Ibiza. The La Mola Lighthouse is located at the highest point of the island (almost 200 meters above sea level), with impressive views of the cliffs, and since its first night, it has been lit daily to illuminate the magical waters of this area. from the Mediterranean. The Mola de Formentera lighthouse was lit on September 30, 1861. The building is preserved as it was built. It has been the scene of films and documentaries, as well as an emblematic spiritual meeting point on the island to celebrate the sunset.

Lighthouse La Mola de Formentera.

Lighthouse Cap Camarat.

In 1977 the Government purchased the area and it has been largely preserved ever since.14th-centuryCap Camarat is the name of one of the three promontories that jut out into the sea around St Tropez. It is undoubtedly the wildest of the three capes; its nature and vegetation. The lighthouse was built in 1829 and is the second tallest lighthouse in France (if light height is taken as a measure) at 130 meters (426 ft) above sea level.

The name, Cap Camarat, comes from a manor house that stood nearby. Napoleon built defenses here (the remains of an arsenal are still evident) and the area, including the lighthouse, was occupied by the Germans in World War II. The lighthouse was attacked by Allied bombers in 1944, but suffered no major damage. In 1977 the Government purchased the area and it has been largely preserved ever since.

Picture. Culture Trip.

Roses Lighthouse

Lighthouse of Roses.

Roses Lighthouse. Source: Faros de España.

The Roses lighthouse was built in 1864, and majestically presides over the wonderful Ba of Roses. The Bay of Roses is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, with one of the eight most beautiful lighthouses in the world. Roses and Santander (Spain), Quiberón (France), San Francisco (USA), Halong (Vietnam), All Saints (Brazil), Pemba Bay (Mozambique), Suruga (Japan).

The lighthouse is on the Camino de Ronda, from Roses to Cadaqués, on the way there are wonderful coves, with typical landscapes of the Costa Brava.

Lighthouse in Rosas over its Bay... Picture. Dimitri Travel.


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