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Why should Wellness and Retreats Hotels use Feng Shui?

Feng Shui manages and channels energy. Whether it's good or bad. We already know perfectly well that everything is energy, therefore, it is very important to take into account where we are and what we surround ourselves with in order to have a harmonious environment that helps our personal, professional, and material growth. Feng Shui is an ancient technique that comes to us from China, and that offers amazing, measurable and verifiable results. Not surprisingly, Neil Jacobs himself said.You wouldn’t build anything in most parts of Asia without having feng shui consultants come in and help you.” – (Neil Jacobs, the president of global hotel operations for Starwood Capital.)

Health and wellness centers in hotels, resorts, spas, or day centers should take care of this aspect with even more interest.

There are many schools of feng shui. The core concept of Feng Shui entails the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Each element is associated with a specific color and direction The relationships among the five elements can enhance or disrupt good feng shui.

Our expert in Feng Shui, Alejandra Balbás, explains to us some important key points about Feng Shui for Wellness, Spas, Hotels, Retreats, and of course, Spring


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