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Cheese with Magic. Vegan Cheeses.

Vegan cheese is mostly made with vegetable milk, and although they are simple processes, they require mastery and knowledge of the alchemy of food. However, we find a wide variety of interesting proposals made with other ingredients, such as vegan feta cheese, which is made with marinated tofu, or lupine-based cheeses, with which very sophisticated flavors are achieved.

In most cases, we find an extensive menu of "signature vegan cheeses."

Vegan cheeses have creativity and flavor.

Vegan Cheese Board.

Source. Vancouver with Love

Vegetable milk is an ideal base for making vegan cheeses with excellent results from almond and cashew milk. These vegetable milk are very suitable for making cheeses with a creamy consistency, such as the vegan variants of camembert cheese or blue cheese.

The flavors of the different types of vegan cheeses are very surprising and suggestive: cheeses with fine Provencal herbs, walnuts, and vegan chorizo with pumpkin, are some of the many creations that excellent manufacturers have developed.

Usually, the manufacturers are also careful not to use additives, colorings, and other additives that can detract from the quality of a product that is not industrial, but artisanal.

However, the most attractive thing about creative vegan cooking, and therefore also about making vegan cheese, is that creativity is precisely one of its key points. It is very stimulating to experience new procedures and flavors. We can find many proposals, with different results, but always tasty and above all, digestive and suitable for any diet.

Vegan cheese with anacards

Source: VeggieKarma

Regarding the issue of nutrition, there are many and very complete studies that help to understand that traditional dairy products can have effects that are not always suitable for the body, such as allergies, skin sensitivity, and alteration of the mucous membranes. Animal-based cheese contains antibiotics and large amounts of estrogen, which can cause hormonal imbalances.

Vegan cheeses, on the other hand, provide many qualities, since the production and process system is much more natural than dairy cheeses. They provide abundant energy in the form of carbohydrates, accompanied by fiber. Also healthy fats and quality protein. The ingredients used as the base of the cheeses make them a great source of calcium and other minerals and trace elements. They are also rich in vitamins such as E, provitamin A, complex B, and C. Vegan cheeses also provide probiotic bacteria, which protect the microbiota or intestinal flora, and are rich in vitamins such as E, provitamin A, complex, B, and C.

Vegetable cheeses are free of residues of hormones, pus, and toxins contained in dairy products and generated by antibiotics, pesticides, and disinfectants assimilated by cattle in the industrial production process.

Source: Ingrid Peguero. Quesos Veganos.

"Cheesecake caramel sans cuisson". by Healthly Alye

There are true genius creators of the Magic of vegan cheeses.

We highlight the French Healhly Alye, author of "Plats Uniques Vegan". that who surprises us with a delicious vegan cheesecake, "Cheesecake vegan sans cuisson au caramel"; the Canadian Karen McAthy, author of the bestseller The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking, or the Spanish Ingrid Peguero, author of Vegan Cheeses, among many other authors

We can add the chefs who make their creations and put them on the "ready-to-eat" market.

A genuinely magical world to enjoy, as well as feeling good with a cruelty-free life option, respecting the lives of animals, as well as taking care of ourselves, physically and spiritually.


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