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Energetic and spiritual cuisine. Ayurvedic cuisine.

Ayurvedic cooking delves into the energy of food. Ayurvedic nutrition helps enhance the spiritual and divine energy that we carry within.

The word ayurveda comes from Sanskrit: "ayu", life, and "vidya" to know. Ayurvedic philosophy considers health as the natural state inherent to the person who lives in harmony with himself and his environment. Illness is the manifestation of the imbalance of this harmony.

The Ayurvedic diet is actually a philosophy of life. Food is part of this whole, it is a part that integrates a holistic concept, where everything we do, and how we do it, is connected to each other, including food. An Ayurvedic diet is integrated into a lifestyle and philosophy that treats the human being as a whole, and at the same time each being as the unique and unrepeatable being that it is, with a different and characteristic genetic code of each individual, just as than fingerprints.

Those who firmly believe in eating according to Ayurvedic medicine are aware that the quality of food significantly impacts the functioning of the body.

The fundamental bases of Ayurveda can be divided into seven points.

  1. There is no single solution that fits all.

  2. Food is medicine.

  3. The food must vary according to the season. The balance

  4. You are what you digest.

  5. Equal increases equal, and the opposite balances it.

  6. Nutrition is everything we ingest through the five senses.

  7. Health is holistic. ,between mind, body, and spirit.

Ayurveda recognizes three large groups, or doshas, which it calls vata, pitta, and kapha. The doshas create a balance in our body and when this balance is lost disease is created. Although all people have vata, pitta, and kapha, each person has all three doshas in different proportions. This is because being human is unique and different.

It is necessary to know the type of personal dosha to be able to determine the balance in the perfect daily diet individually. It is also necessary to accompany this knowledge with the initiation of habits that accompany eating in a holistic way, such as doing yoga exercises, daily meditation, creative activities, such as painting or writing, and artistic activities such as music, singing, or dance. That is, it is not a more or less miraculous diet, but an integrative philosophy of life.

Dr. John Doullard, conducted a questionnaire to determine the dosha level of each individual. It is based on the study of different profiles, such as:

The mind profile.

The behavioral profile.

The emotional profile.

The physical profile.

The fitness profile.

The questionnaire encompasses the different states of mind, forms of habitual behavior, and physical and emotional conditions. The result determines whether a person belongs to one group or another, or to two groups at the same time. This determines the type of food and treatment that is needed according to the desired imbalance to be healed or the objective of improving the quality of life sought.

The expert in Ayurveda detox, Kerry Harling, a graduate in neuroscience, and specialized in Ayurvedic medicine at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, and a yoga teacher, has developed some interesting and stimulating phases to move from an unhealthy or even harmful lifestyle, where the individual self-sabotages, unconsciously, to a creative lifestyle, full of life and well-being. To do this, she proposes a first phase of pre-cleaning, where habits are renewed. In this phase, you should consume foods that help improve the health of the intestine, such as beets and apples, and avoid industrial foods, meats, refined sugars, and sweets, and focus on fresh and whole plant prodsugarss. The daily routine that she proposes in her book "Ayurveda Detox", she gets rid of a large number of toxins from the body, and prepares for the next phase, where the change in eating habits begins. In addition, Kerry Harling suggests keeping a personal journal throughout the process, and doing activities that reduce stress, such as yoga or meditation.

Currently, there are many highly qualified professionals and centers in Ayurvedic food and medicine that can accompany the process of lifestyle change, and improve health in all aspects.

AYUSH RESEARCH PORTAL , is the official page of the Indian government, for scientific publications with more than 20,000 references. It is also a good source to consult PubMed, an international reference academic database in Health.


Ayurveda Detox - Kerry Harling

Mahad Ayurveda.


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