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The best Wellness Retreats. Cal Reiet. Holistic Retreat. Mallorca.

Cal Reiet is located on one of the most magical islands in the Mediterranean, Mallorca. It is a unique rural hideaway with an authentic atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

The Retreat is located in an old building recovered and rebuilt without losing the flavor of the island, with all the necessary wellness and relaxation areas. The spaces are surrounded by lush Mediterranean gardens, it is an oasis full of the aromas of the earth, the sea, and the sun; It is the ideal place in which to live the communion between mind, body, and spirit. This is Cal Reiet, a holistic wellness, lifestyle retreat with 15 beautifully designed rooms and suites.

Nutrition is a core part of Cal Reiet's values. Their philosophy translates into a kitchen whose principle is "food as medicine". They use organic, fresh and locally sourced ingredients, largely from Cal Reiet's orchard.

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Cal Reiet. Santany. Mallorca. Balearic Islands.

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